The Accelera lota ST-68 SUV tyre features an asymmetric tread design and a Silica compound for extremely low rolling resistance to save fuel. The combination of wide multi sipes and deep, straight grooves clears water efficiently to eliminate aquaplaning. Strong shoulder blocks with variable pitch improve cornering stability and decrease noise.

Key Features

  • Fuel saver
  • Suits wet and dry conditions
  • Improved cornering
  • Low noise

Performance Category: Comfort SUV

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
265/70R16 116H116H777
215/60R17 100V100V690
225/60R17 99H99H702
235/65R17 108V108V737
235/60R17 102H102H714
265/65R17 116H116H776
215/55R18 99V99V694
225/55R18 98V98V705
235/65R18 106W106W763
235/55R18 104V104V716
235/60R18 107V107V739
255/60R18 112V112V763
255/55R18 109V109V738
225/55R19 99Y99Y730
235/55R19 101H101H741
235/50R19 103V103V718
245/55R19 103Y103Y752
255/55R19 111V111V763
255/50R19 107W107W738
285/45R19 111V111V739
235/55R20 102V102V767
245/50R20 102Y102Y753
255/50R20 109V109V763
255/55R20 110W110W789
255/45R20 105V105V738
265/50R20 111V111V773
265/45R20 104Y104Y747
265/40R20 104V104V720
275/60R20 115V115V838
275/55R20 117V117V811
275/45R20 110V110V756
275/40R20 106Y106Y728
285/50R20 116V116V793
295/40R20 110Y110Y744
315/35R20 110W110W729
255/40R21 102V102V737
265/40R21 105Y105Y745
275/45R21 110W110W781
285/45R21 109W109W790
285/35R21 105Y105Y733
295/35R21 107Y107Y740
235/30R22 90W90W700
245/30R22 92W92W706
265/35R22 102V102V744
275/45R22 112W112W806
285/45R22 114V114V815
285/40R22 110V110V787
295/35R24 110W110W816
305/35R24 112W112W823

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