The original PHI with it’s asymmetric tread design enables the tyre to perform on both wet and dry roads. The continuous ribs make the tyre low noise and more stable at high speed. It also uses a silica compound to minimise rolling resistance. The dynamic grooves around the tyre quickly clear water and prevent aquaplaning. The variable pitch shoulder block design makes the PHI low noise and also increases cornering stability.

Key Features

  • Additional sipes reduce noise
  • Triple rib for stability
  • Enhanced steering responsiveness
  • Better cornering stability

Performance Category: Ultra High Performance

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
205/55R16 94W94W632
235/60R16 104W104W688
195/40R17 81V81V588
205/50R17 93W93W637
215/50R17 95W95W647
225/45R17 94W94W634
235/55R17 103W103W690
245/45R17 99W99W652
255/40R17 98W98W636
205/45R18 90Y90Y642
215/45R18 93W93W651
215/40R18 89Y89Y629
225/40R18 92Y92Y637
225/45R18 95Y95Y660
235/40R18 95Y95Y645
255/45R18 103Y103Y687
255/40R18 99Y99Y661
255/35R18 94Y94Y636
265/35R18 97Y97Y643
215/35R19 85Y85Y633
225/40R19 93Y93Y663
225/35R19 88Y88Y640
235/35R19 91Y91Y647
235/40R19 96Y96Y671
245/40R19 98Y98Y679
245/45R19 102Y102Y703
245/35R19 93Y93Y654
255/40R19 100Y100Y687
255/30R19 91Y91Y636
265/35R19 98Y98Y668
265/30R19 93Y93Y642
225/35R20 93Y93Y666
235/35R20 92Y92Y673
245/45R20 103Y103Y729
245/30R20 93Y93Y655
245/35R20 95Y95Y680
255/30R20 92Y92Y661
275/30R20 97Y97Y673
275/35R20 102Y102Y701
245/40R21 100Y100Y729
255/30R21 95W95W686

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